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NF Communications designs and supplies a selection of stylish video signs and scoreboards, plus also writes the relevant software. This means we can tailor the layout and operation to suit your needs and customise the style to reflect your own brand or sporting league. These portable and fixed electronic scoreboards are equipped with the latest surface mount high power LED technology and inbuilt variable message sign (VMS) functions.
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Technical Capabilities

  • So easy to use even parents scoring on the weekend can operate them
  • We can also design and build the steel structure to suit the screen size required and manage the installation and commissioning process
  • Live TV on a large screen
  • Ideal for cricket, Aussie rules, rugby league/union, soccer and a range of other indoor or outdoor point oriented sports
  • 250mm or 400mm high digits
  • Wireless remote control operation
  • Variable Message Sign (VMS) for revenue raising and club announcements
  • VMS messages may include, for example, current batsmen, 50 game player, today's sponsor etc.
  • The portable model can be raised and lowered to fit through a standard door for safe storage
  • Shows current quarter (or innings) for those who arrive late at the ground
  • Has an accurate pausable up/down timer, or can be set for time of day
  • Displays accurate current ground temperature (+/- 0.5C)
  • Manual and automatic siren
Every system also comes with a controller that offers:
  • Large buttons (for the focus challenged)
  • Can be tailor made for your club
  • Connection to a PC or iPad/iPhone to update VMS messages
  • Up to 1000m range

Screen And Cabinet Sizes

Screen sizes start from 2.56m X 1.6m with cabinets being priced per square metre.
  • 2 cabinet sizes: Type 1 is 1280mm x 800mm and Type 2 is 960mm x 960mm
  • Choose the number of cabinets to make up the screen size you want
  • Both cabinet types are 10mm pixel pitch for high quality and high brightness, even in full sunlight

Scoreboard Demonstrations

Book a mobile video scoreboard demonstration at your site today. We can set up in a few minutes during your next training night or club meeting. Our mobile video scoreboard is the size of our 2.56m x 1.6m fixed scoreboard and can be placed anywhere around the ground. With the high capacity radio link, we can control the scoreboard from anywhere, including the opposite side of the ground and the pavilion.
View of a digital signage

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