SOHO PABX with VoIP capability

The Premier Solution For Small Offices Or Homes Throughout Australia

The Premier is an ideal solution for any Australian home or office with an ADSL Broadband Internet connection that wants performance and uninterrupted functionality. Either the user or an accredited technician in your area can install it easily. Utilising a Premier system enables you to:
  • Connect your existing telephone lines to the Premier and get up to 8 extensions
  • Avoid connecting fax machine and phones in parallel
  • Intercom between extensions
  • Use your existing phones
  • Use your existing fax machine
  • Use your existing answering machines
  • Use your existing EFTPOS terminal
  • You can also use NF Communcations own speakerphones, display
            phones and door stations
  • Add ISDN telephone lines
  • Install yourself or contact us for an accredited installer in your area
  • Call And Voice Over Internet Specifications

    The Premier is designed to allow for seamless VoIP calls and can update your existing system. In relation to its call and VoIP capabilities, The Premier also offers the following:
    • Free calls to other VoIP users, local or international
    • 1c per minute calls to normal phones within Australia OR 10c unlimited time to normal phones within Australia
    • Fall back to PSTN if internet is down
    • Incoming calls from your existing telephone number (no need to change numbers)
    • 3c per minute international calls
    • Fax extension automatically uses standard telephone line
    • Emergency calls to 000 and power blackout conditions fallback to use PSTN line
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    Call +61 3 9532 5112 for fast and effective internet solutions

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